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Throughout the years Magic Mushrooms have been shrouded in mystery and myth. Cheap Shrooms Canada is here to shed some light! Read our FAQ on Magic Mushrooms here to have all your questions answered.

Microdosing involves regularly consuming small doses of psychedelics that are below hallucinogenic levels. This practice has been associated with various long-term benefits such as improved mood, increased energy, enhanced creativity, relief from menstrual issues, healthier lifestyle choices including diet, exercise, and yoga, improved focus, and reduced anxiety and stress, among other advantages.

The term ‘microdosing’ encompasses three key elements:

  1. Dose: It refers to the administration of a low amount of psychedelic substance, below the threshold for inducing hallucinations.
  2. Protocol: Microdosing involves following a schedule that includes multiple sessions of dosing at specific intervals.
  3. Intention: The primary purpose of microdosing is to enhance well-being and optimize cognitive and emotional processes.

By engaging in microdosing, individuals aim to tap into the potential benefits of psychedelics while minimizing the psychedelic effects typically associated with higher doses.

Read our in-depth Microdosing Guide Here

As you might expect, macrodosing involves consuming a dose of magic mushrooms that surpasses the practice of microdosing. While macrodosing itself is not a new concept, the term itself has gained recent popularity. People have been indulging in psychedelic experiences for many years.

To provide a broad overview, macrodosing with psychedelics opens up pathways to profound exploration of one’s consciousness, being, and existence. It allows individuals to delve into deeper realms of self-awareness and understanding.

However, it’s crucial to approach macrodosing with proper knowledge and preparation. That’s why we have created this comprehensive guide. Adequate preparation and integration are essential for ensuring a safe and meaningful experience. Macrodosing holds a significant and sacred place for many, facilitating profound inner exploration and personal growth.

Cheap Shrooms Canada has your answers! Read our In-depth Macrodosing Guide Here

Lysergic acid diethylamide, more commonly known as LSD or “acid”, is a potent psychedelic drug renowned for its ability to induce profound alterations in consciousness and sensory perception. Discovered in the late 1930s by Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann and introduced in the 1940s by Sandoz Laboratories, it was initially studied for its potential therapeutic applications, particularly within the field of psychiatry. The mid-20th century saw LSD at the forefront of numerous clinical research studies aimed at understanding mental health disorders, such as schizophrenia, and experimenting with novel forms of psychotherapy. However, it was in the 1960s that LSD truly entered public consciousness.

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DMT, scientifically known as N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, is a potent psychoactive compound found naturally in various plants and animals. Renowned for its remarkable psychedelic properties, it has earned the popular moniker of the “Spirit Molecule.” In recent times, DMT has captured widespread attention and sparked discussions within fields such as neuroscience, psychiatry, and cultural anthropology. This article embarks on an enlightening exploration of the intricate realm of DMT, delving into its historical roots, unique characteristics, diverse applications, and its captivating role in both scientific endeavors and societal discourse.

Learn more about DMT though our Guide

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