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How to Trip Sit Someone on Psychedelics: A Comprehensive Guide


As the cultural perception of psychedelics shifts towards recognizing their therapeutic and personal growth potential, the role of the trip sitter – someone who remains sober to assist the individual having a psychedelic experience – becomes increasingly important. This guide will provide insight into the role of a trip sitter, and share essential advice on how to effectively support someone undergoing a psychedelic journey.

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Understanding the Role of a Trip Sitter

What is a Trip Sitter?

A trip sitter is an individual who stays sober while another person is under the influence of a psychedelic substance. Their role is to ensure the safety and comfort of the individual throughout their experience.

Why is a Trip Sitter Important?

The effects of psychedelic substances can be unpredictable and intense. A trip sitter provides a comforting presence, reduces anxiety, and ensures physical safety. In some instances, they may also help the individual process their experience, facilitating psychological insight and personal growth.

Preparing to be a Trip Sitter

Know the Substance

Understanding the substance your friend or loved one is taking is crucial. Learn about its effects, duration, potential risks, and what a typical journey might look like. This will help you anticipate what the person might experience and how you can best support them.

Establish Trust and Open Communication

Trust and open communication between the trip sitter and the individual are essential. Discuss the upcoming experience, their intentions, fears, and hopes. Encourage them to communicate their needs during the journey openly.

During the Psychedelic Experience

Create a Safe and Comfortable Environment

Ensure the environment is quiet, comfortable, and free from potential disturbances. This might include preparing soft lighting, comfortable seating, or a bed for resting.

Be a Calming Presence

The most important thing a trip sitter can do is provide a calm and grounding presence. Refrain from asking too many questions or stimulating intense conversation. Allow the person to guide the interaction as they navigate their experience.

Provide Reassurance

If the individual becomes anxious or scared, gently reassure them that they are safe, and their feelings are temporary. Remind them that they have taken a psychedelic and that it will eventually wear off.

After the Psychedelic Experience

Help them Process the Experience

Once the effects have subsided, the individual might want to discuss and make sense of their experience. Be patient, non-judgmental, and listen actively. Avoid providing your interpretations – the meaning of the journey is personal to them.

Encourage Rest and Recovery

Psychedelic experiences can be mentally and physically taxing. Encourage the individual to rest, hydrate, and nourish their body with wholesome food in the hours and days following their journey.


Being a trip sitter is a critical role that can profoundly influence someone’s psychedelic experience. It requires patience, empathy, and understanding. By maintaining a supportive presence, creating a safe environment, and facilitating open communication, a trip sitter can help ensure that the individual’s psychedelic journey is a beneficial and enlightening experience.

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